Wire & Cable

If you need anything relating to electric wire or cable, chances are we can help. We furnish the entire spectrum of wire and cable, from the thinnest electronic wire to the largest multi-conductor high voltage cable and will be able to assist you with the entirety of your project – from engineering to prototyping to production.

CaliBaja specializes in 5 distinct markets:

  • Low Voltage Electronic Wire & Cable
  • Irrigation Wire & Accessories
  • Lift, Flexible Cables & Battery Leads
  • Submersible Pump Wire & Cable
  • Underground Agricultural Cable

We also deal with wire & cable in the following industries as well:

  • Construction Wire
  • Dog Fence Wire
  • Sign Wire
  • Marine Cable
  • Mining Cable
  • Tracer Wire

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for listed here? Just give us a call and speak with one of our wire & cable specialists to discuss the specifics of your wire & cable project and after a few key questions, we will be able to very quickly determine if we will be able to handle your wire & cable needs in Mexico.