Contract Manufacturing

For a comparison of the two main categories of Mexico manufacturing services that we provide (Sheltered Manufacturing & Contract Manufacturing), please read the What We Offer page. If you know that Contract Manufacturing is what you are looking for, read on:


If you are looking for a company in Mexico that will take full responsibility for the Mexico manufacturing operation – contract manufacturing is the way to go. Contract manufacturing requires very little involvement from your end as all you need to do is supply us with the specifications of whatever it is that you want and CaliBaja will take care of the rest. Contract Manufacturing is best utilized for high volume manufacturing operations with a good understanding of the internal manufacturing processes. This is not a good option for prototyping and very low volume orders.  

In order to determine if Contract Manufacturing is the right fit for you take a look at some of the questions below:

Is this a product currently in production?

Is there significant volume of product?

Do you require a labor intensive manufacturing processes?

Do you have  a product that is currently ready for market?




Wire & Cable
Medical Device Manufacturing



“So from what I understand CaliBaja can make anything – right?”                                                           In theory – yes   /   In practice – no

While the long list of products that we have manufactured over the years **link to our experience page (plugin for photo slider??)** speak volumes as to our willingness and ability to manufacture an unprecedented diversity of products, that does not mean that we can just make whatever someone wants at any time.

There are many variables that go into the calculation of whether or not it makes sense for us to take on a new project – but the main deciding factor is always VOLUME. The higher the volume (or potential for volume) the more likely it is that we will be able to manufacture your product in-house. While we also take into account (lead times / availability of raw materials / equipment acquisition cost / etc..), if the volume is not there yet – there is a good chance that CaliBaja will not be able to manufacture your product for you.

However, that is not to say that we cannot help you. Over the years we have received many requests for items that did not make sense for us to manufacture in-house for one reason or another yet we were still able to help the customer. We call this category of services “sourcing services”, as our objective here is to find third-party sources for items the do not make sense for us to manufacture in-house.

We understand that this is a complex topic that cannot be adequately explained here. The best way to determine if we will be able to take on your project is to simply give us a call. After a few key questions, we will be able to very quickly determine if we will be able to help you.