Safety in Mexicali

When looking at doing business with Calibaja Manufacturing  one of the first questions anyone usually asks is: How safe is Mexicali?

While the news media has glorified the violence across the border and with some justification as there are unsafe locals across the border;  rest assured Mexicali is not one of them!

While Mexicali does have it’s share of petty crime it is just like any other large city with a population of over a million people. There will always be some portion of the population out to cause trouble but just like visiting New York or Los Angeles the danger zones can be avoided quite easily.

The overall population of Mexicali is educated, mostly middle class, and not transient. There are multiple Universities in the city and an international flair to the cuisine.

The Los Angeles times reports that “There hasn’t been a bank robbery in Mexicali in 18 months, or a reported kidnapping in a year. Mexicali is considered so safe that top law enforcement officials from Tijuana raise their families here, and are seen visiting restaurants and movie theaters without the phalanx of bodyguards that usually follows them everywhere else.” in addition the  Los Angeles Times also states that, Mexicali has a homicide rate comparable to that of Wichita, Kansas.

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