A commentary on Manufacturing in Mexico by the Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor  and then re-posted by the Bookings  Institute discusses the potential benefits of Manufacturing in Mexico vs China. Some of the questions that were addressed in the article were: “Is Mexico gaining a competitive edge over China in terms of manufacturing? “, and “What are the challenges and benefits of moving production facilities to Mexico?

Andrés Rozental answers Studies show that the all-in cost for an average factory worker in a Chinese industrial zone is more or less equal to a Mexican working in a Maquilla near the U.S. border.
Andres also states that the geographic location of Mexico is also a competitive advantage as well as it’s relativity stable political climate and the availability  of just in time sourcing.

The dialogue also mentions the fact that Mexico has a sophisticated manufacturing system in place and is poised to attain acceptable levels of growth as the US and Canadian economies recover.

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