Tariffs to Rise on Chinese Made Solar Panels

June 3rd 2014 The “New York Times” has reported that the US has sanctioned new tariffs on Chinese Made Solar Panels. “The duties will range from 18.56 to 35.21 percent, the department said.” For many years the US solar panel industry has looked to the US Government to address the Chinese practice of subsidizing their labor and material costs to keep pricing low.

While there are both positives and negatives to these new imposed tariffs ( ┬áconsumer pricing on solar panels will likely rise) this is a step ┬áby the US into potentially re-shoreing or near shoring some of the solar panel manufacture and assembly. “In 2012, the United States imposed duties of roughly 24 to 36 percent on imported panels made from Chinese solar cells” While this type of duty increase is not new it does effectively place the cost of importing Chinese made panels squarely on the US based companies who in turn will look to the consumer.

One alternative for this increased tariff and higher solar panel costs is located directly South of the US. Mexico has a great capacity to work closely with our US based solar companies to deliver a quality product with a fraction of the lead time. While some components will most certainly come from China and potentially India; Mexico offers trade benefits that can potentially offset some of the import duties companies are facing.

Let’s keep the solar panel industry for North America in North America!

Please follow the link below to read the NY Times article