Manufacturing in Mexico’s “Just In Time” pickup & delivery just became more nimble

Manufacturing your product in Mexico and taking advantage of the ability to operate in a “just in time” environment just got a bit more nimble and stylish. Calibaja Manufacturing is pleased to announce the purchase of a new Dodge Van to transport your finished goods and raw materials all throughout Southern California!

We can now pickup your raw materials and deliver your finished products just in time as well as in a safe, effective, and green (almost 30 Mpgs!) way. Serving all of Southern California just got easier and more fun. With the addition of a vehicle wrap you won’t be able to miss the Calibaja Manufacturing Van headed down the highway.

Let Calibaja Manufacture your product in Mexico and rest assured that we will be able to deliver your finished goods in a timely manner. No more waiting for your overseas container ship to come in from China at the last minute (a MAJOR difference between manufacturing in Mexico VS China). For raw material pick up to finished goods delivery, our service level has just been bumped up a notch.


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