Living, Breathing, and Manufacturing in Mexico

Below is a glimpse of how Manufacturing in Mexico can promote global business experience on both sides of the border. The opportunities that the Mexican Manufacturing world presents can help many individuals gain valuable experience in both the manufacturing sector as well as in their personal lives.


In 2007, I was hired by Calibaja Manufacturing as a Sales and Marketing Director of manufacturing services, engineering, assembly and Industrial Space in the city of Mexicali Mexico, Baja California.
Over the next two years I lived and worked in Mexicali; one of the fastest growing cities in North America and a heavyweight in North American manufacturing. There are a vast array of American companies producing products in Maquiladoras due to both the close proximity  to the US and a large base of a skilled workforce located within the city.

Mexicali is located in a gigantic valley which, coupled with the rapid growth rate, pushes new development out, not up like many cities of comparable size. An hours drive from the center of the city leads you to the poorest and most disadvantaged areas. In my second week on the job I arrived to find an employee sponsored collection and fund raiser for impoverished students in a neighborhood near the edge of Mexicali.The operations Manager organized the project and numerous employees and management from the top down to the newest assembly person all brought food, toys, and school supplies. I was invited to ride along  to drop off the goods. After unloading the cars we met the families and played soccer with the kids. Driving home I felt so grateful to have seen and been able to participate in the event. Beyond that I gained such a respect for the generosity that so many people, people who were far less fortunate than I, had shown. It was the first of many occasions I witnessed this generosity from my friends down south.

Calibaja Manufacturing’s variety of services enabled me to meet and work with a large number of engineers, designers, techs and assembly workers. While it was an education in modern manufacturing, easily my favorite aspect was the people who live and work in Mexicali and especially those from Calibaja Manufacturing.

By: Nick Caras

Former Calibaja Employee





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