Interning With CaliBaja Manufacturing

My name is Jacob Rosenberg, and I was an intern for CaliBaja Manufacturing for the past month.  I am interested in engineering, and CaliBaja was close-by, and had some engineering involved.  However, it is not all about engineering.  Working as an intern for CaliBaja teaches you a lot about the manufacturing business, specifically manufacturing in Mexico, and allows you to work with lots of different things that are produced by CaliBaja, from medical devices, to wiring harnesses, to sewing products.  A lot of the work I did was time studies, a way for companies to see how quickly something can or should be made.  I also had to attempt to find feasible pricing for items, in the case of B.O.M.’s, or Bill of Materials for different products, like a horse boot.  A B.O.M. is essentially a list or spreadsheet of all the raw materials a product is made of, along with the prices, and sourcing for those materials.


CaliBaja has been a family-owned business for the last 21 years, and has been a business for over 30.  They are an American company that does contract and sheltered manufacturing in Mexicali, Mexico, but has their offices in La Jolla.  Contract, or Per Piece manufacturing is a form of manufacturing where a company will come to a contract manufacturer with a product, and express a wish to produce it for a specific price.  Shelter, or Cost Plus manufacturing js a form of manufacturing where a company who is already producing a product wishes to move it elsewhere, for a lower cost.

Throughout my internship experience, I have learned a lot about what goes into manufacturing, such as how much goes into the preliminary thought process, and what makes certain places better for production than others.  I learned about what goes into preliminary thought processes by sitting in on presentations of products, learning about prototypes, and writing my own Bill of Materials.  I also created a slideshow, highlighting everything about manufacturing in Mexico, which helped me learn about the preliminary thought process, and locations that assist in production, such as Mexico.  My personal experience was a little confusing at first, as I’d never heard of any of the products, terms, or ideas before.  Once I understood it however,  I began to enjoy the flurry of daily activity, and the projects I was doing. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the internship, which can helped me grow creatively, and think outside the box, since the time studies don’t usually have just one way to do it.

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