Benefits of Manufacturing in Mexico vs China

What are some of the benefits of Manufacturing in Mexico vs China?  If you have ever thought about having a product manufactured you may be asking yourself that question right now. Manufacturing in Mexico has many benefits; some you may already know and some may be new to you. What Calibaja manufacturing can help you do is determine why Manufacturing in Mexico vs China may be the right option for you. subdomains While both locations offer competitive low cost global manufacturing options they are vastly different in their own right.

According to the website “Mexico’s strengths tend to favor companies that manufacture highly customized products that are particularly sensitive to shipping costs and lead times.  Production in Mexico will also tend to favor bulkier, heavier products that are destined for consumption in North America.”

While this may be an obvious benefit to those of you seeking manufacturing of larger bulkier items some of you who may not have considered the added bonus of customizable products available in a location close to the US market.

This same website also mentions the relative ease of working with the Maquiladora industry in Mexico vs Manufacturing in China

“No matter the industry, U.S. and Canadian companies that operate in Mexico have a significant advantage over operating in China to efficiently address engineering changes and other quality control issues, especially when those issues necessitate the direct attention of North American management.  Geographic proximity and a more than 40-year track record of the maquiladora industry allow Mexican operations to consistently perform at U.S. levels of quality and safety. ”

This is an important yet often overlooked aspect of Manufacturing in Mexico vs China. Quality;quite possibly one of the most important aspects of your product; Not only can Mexico produce your product at a globally competitive rate it can do so with almost the same consistency as companies operating in the US.  Couple this with the other logistical advantages of manufacturing in Mexico and you have a recipe for success!

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