One of the main reasons that thousands of companies have already moved their manufacturing to Mexico is quality! A higher level of quality is achievable in Mexico compared to manufacturing in China /Asia mainly due to Mexico’s physical proximity to the United States:

  • Easy oversight of the operation – it is infinitely easier to oversee your operation in Mexico compared to manufacturing in China / Asia or other low cost locations.
  • Low lead times – if your product is manufactured in China / Asia and there is a quality issue – first off you are probably not even going to know about it for at least a month and then once you do find out that you have a problem, you are going to have about a months worth of rejected inventory to deal with.

There are many additional reasons why Mexico outperforms China / Asia in the quality department that we don’t have room to elaborate on here. But don’t simply take our word for it, do your own research about some of China / Asia’s recent quality problems and decide for yourself.