Mexico vs Other Locations

If you want to manufacture your product in a low-cost labor environment, in most cases you only have a few viable options that each have their own respective pro’s and con’s:

  • Mexico – is the best option for low to mid-volume products that require a high level of engineering oversight and are to be sold in North, Central, and South America, or Western Europe.
  • China / Asia – becomes viable when volumes are extremely high, proprietary right infringement is not an issue, design changes are very infrequent, quality control is not a high priority, and cost is the main driver.
  • Eastern Europe – generally only will make sense if you are looking to sell into Europe, Asia, The Middle East, or Africa.

Making the determination of where to manufacture your product is a complex process that is dependent on many different variables. We have seen countless companies waste a lot of precious time and money chasing the lowest labor rate without taking into consideration all of the costs associated with manufacturing offshore. Don’t make the same mistake – simply give us a call and we will help you determine where makes the most sense for you.