Is Manufacturing In Mexico Safe?

Safety in Mexico has been a very hot topic in American media over the last few years, and while there is no doubt that the legitmate increase in drug-related violence in parts of Mexico of a few years ago focused the world’s attention on the safety of Mexico, it is important to understand that this was isolated problem located within very specific parts of the country. If you pay attention to the location of the incidents that the media is quick to point out as a problem of “Mexico”, you will quickly realize that these problems are not just coincidentally occurring in the same cities time after time. Experts have repeatedly pointed out that the bulk of the violence in Mexico takes place in Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and Mexico City. The country of Mexico is not necessarily an unsafe place, however like any country there are particular locations that are dangerous – none of which we are located in!

We’re proud to say that during our entire history of manufacturing in Mexico, none of our employees or customers have ever encountered the violence that unfortunately too often defines the country of Mexico. This is largely because of our location in the city of Mexicali. Mexicali remains one of the safest cities in Mexico due to it’s:

  • Lack of proximity to major drug markets in the US – drug traffickers are located close to their markets.
  • Harsh desert climate – this deters transients from southern Mexico as people generally come to Mexicali to either educate themselves or to find employment in the maquiladoras – not to traffic drugs.
  • The local government is determined to proactively protect the manufacturing based economy – Mexicali’s economy is strongly based on manufacturing and thus it is in everyone’s interest to protect it.

Safety in Mexicali

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When looking at doing business with Calibaja Manufacturing  one of the first questions anyone usually asks is: How safe is Mexicali? While the news media has glorified the violence across the border and with some justification as there are unsafe locals across the border;  rest assured Mexicali is not one of them! While Mexicali does have it’s share of petty crime it is just like any other large city with a population of over a million people. There will always be some portion of the population out to cause trouble but just like...

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