Our Pricing

The only way to know for sure what it would cost to manufacture your product in Mexico is to have us take a look at your project and provide you with a formal quotation, as there are too many variables to provide an accurate estimation without knowing the specifics of your project.

All of our quotations have a detailed breakdown of all of the costs associated with your project so that you know exactly what you are paying for. Our quotes also show what the costs of running the exact same operation in the United States would be – an invaluable tool when deciding wether or not to outsource your manufacturing to Mexico.

However to get a ballpark idea of what kind of savings you can expect, take the following rates into consideration:

  • $2.39 USD / Hour for direct labor
  • $3.22 USD / Hour for quality control personnel
  • $5.77 USD / Hour for supervisory support
  • $10.87 USD / Hour for engineering support

Please take a moment to compare these rates to what you would pay in the United States – we will be expecting your call shortly!