Key Location

We are located in Mexicali Mexico for a reason – actually, a multitude of reasons:

Mexicali is blessed with an excellent location directly alongside the U.S. Mexico border right in the heart of Southern California. While this strategic geographic position is obviously ideal for shipping and receiving, additional benefits abound. For example, Mexicali’s close proximity to the United States greatly reduces communication time between partners, allows a stable and inexpensive logistical support system, and provides US businesses the ability to easily monitor the operation to ensure that every step of the receiving, manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping process is being conducted exactly as planned. With an international airport of its own and close proximity to the Imperial Valley airport, Mexicali offers commercial service to major U.S. cities and other international destinations. Mexicali is also interconnected by an extensive railway network and enjoys access to the most modern port of entry between Mexico and the United States.