Our philosophy is that quality comes first. We do not believe that cutting corners for the sake of saving a few dollars here and there is an economically-practical / long-term manufacturing strategy. We are fully aware that it is usually the profound labor savings that piques our customer’s initial interest in manufacturing in Mexico. However, we also realize that without our unwavering attention to quality, we would be just another stop along the never-ending road to find the lowest labor rate. It may very well be cost-savings that drives our customers to our door, but it is the world-class quality that keeps them here.



We are proud to say that we have been ISO certified for well over a decade and over the years have integrated the core ISO principles into the foundation of our corporate culture. We take no shortcuts when it comes to the quality of our company as a whole: from the team members that we hire, to the procedures we put into place, to the attitude we adopt, to the finished products we ship out the door – we are 100% focused on providing our customers with a world-class quality experience with all aspects of our company.