About Us

We are100% US owned family business that is here to simplify the process of accessing Mexico’s low-cost labor force. The roots of our company were put down over thirty years ago as a humble maquiladora virtually indistinguishable from any of the other small factories in Mexicali, Mexico. Over the years the company has greatly expanded its customer base while simultaneously diversifying its service offerings.

Today we are a close knit company consisting of over 350 employees spread out over Mexico, California, and Pennsylvania with clientele ranging in size from Fortune 500 corporations to budding start-up companies (and everything in between).  

We attribute much our success to the fact that we have never lost sight of the simple fact that that everyone has a choice concerning who they do business with. That being said, it remains our policy to provide our customers (and potential customers) with as much information as possible so that they are able to make educated business decisions for themselves. At the end of the day we want our customers to know that they made the right decision to entrust CaliBaja with their Mexico manufacturing requirements.


In order to fully understand what we are all about – it is imperative that you understand what we are NOT all about:


We Are NOT Brokers Of Anyone Else's Services

Access to the Mexican labor market is by and large managed by brokers who act as middle men between the actual producer of the product and the person purchasing the product (you). With CaliBaja Manufacturing, you work directly with the manufacturer and escape the costly ‘broker tax’ – CaliBaja is not a broker of anyone else’s services. We manufacture 100% of our customer’s products completely in-house. Therefore when dealing with CaliBaja, you are dealing directly with the company who is making your product. Brokers do provide a service, but in many cases they are little more than middle men. Why work with a middle man when you can go directly to the source?

We Are NOT Tied To Real Estate

When interviewing companies that will help you manufacture your product in Mexico, it is very important to fully understand their business model. The overwhelming majority of companies who will help you setup an operation in Mexico have business models that are very similar to a standard real estate company. This is something to be wary of due to the fact that all they are concerned with is filling up their vacant space – not the success of your operation! CaliBaja differs in this respect as our business model is based on the success of your operation. If your operation does not succeed in Mexico – we do not get paid. As you can probably easily imagine, the seemingly simple shift from selling space (our competition) to selling quality product (CaliBaja) drastically alters the level of service that the customer receives after the contract is signed.


What Sets Us Apart From The Competition?


Safety Of Proprietary Information

The safety of our customer’s proprietary information is a top priority here at CaliBaja. We understand how much work goes into the design and development of our customer’s products and how important it is to protect that investment. You can rest assured that your proprietary information is safe with us for a variety of reasons:

-We are a US-owned company and therefore you are protected by US proprietary right’s legislation.

-Our business model is based on long-term mutually beneficial relationships which are only achieved through mutual trust. Give us a call and we can put you in touch with references that we have doing business with for years.

-Our customer list – there is no way we would have maintained such high profile clients for so many years if we had issues with the protection of our customer’s proprietary information.

-And last but certainly not least – it’s good business for us. Our unwavering commitment to protect our customer’s proprietary information if a major differentiating factor between ourselves and many other offshore manufacturing partners.


In the world of manufacturing, the term flexibility refers to the ability to react to market conditions and produce at the required levels. We here at CaliBaja appreciate the need for our customers to remain flexible in order for them to keep their competitive edge. That is why we have based our entire corporate philosophy around adaptation to current conditions.

We do not believe in a rigid / unchangeable way of doing business, we believe in working closely with our customers to customize a relationship to best fit current market conditions – and when those conditions inevitably change, we adapt the relationship accordingly.